WATS Instructions

Window Adjustment Time Saver (WATS)
Installation Instructions


Step 1 step1

Prior to window installation, 4 jamb brackets must be mounted to the window jamb on the upper and lower side jambs.  Use 2 – ¾” screws to secure the jamb brackets.   With adjustment screw-head towards jamb face, center ¾” mounting screws 2 ½” from jamb face.

Step 2

Install window to Manufacturers specifications.step2

Step 3

Align trimmer plate slot over adjustment screw-head and mark center screw hole.  Make sure your spade bit will not hit the adjustment screw (you may need to turn in).  Drill 1 ¼” hole  1/8” deep.  Turn adjustment screw to accept trimmer plate slotstep3 and fasten to trimmer with screw provided.  Adjust your window to desired distance.